Thursday, August 9, 2012

Muslimah Bloggers Directory

Reasons to join us:

- Your blog is not very famous
- You are not getting target audience
- People don't interact much on your blog
- You want to know follow sisters who blog

There are many wonderful blogs made by lovely Muslimahs and no one quite knew about their blogs. Basically, by this network bloggers and readers will be able to discover new blogs and learn about sisters around the world.

How it works?

This is an effort to unite all female Muslim Bloggers and to make them familiar with each other. It is a platform where we will share posts links weekly or monthly. These links will be the updates from all bloggers who have subscribed us and have been added to our 'Blogs List'.
So if you join us:
  1. Your blog will be added to our Blogs Directory List
  2. All blog's posts will be shared on monthly basis
  3. We will share a complete post daily from one of the blog in our directory
  4. Your blog feed will appear on our homepage

Join us, all you have to do is:

- Subscribe this blog
- Fill out this simple form to let us know about your blog
- Put the 'Muslim Bloggers Directory' badge in your blog sidebar

 After moderation we will put your blog in our blog list and will post your blog updates here weekly.
You can subscribe us even if you are not a blogger. 


  1. That's great work!
    JazakAllah! :)

  2. I love your idea!!! No one did that before... very great work! :)




  3. Jazakallah for this directory!!

    Check out my page at

  4. very helpful task yo are doing. Ty =)


  5. Amazing idea!

    - yaz 'xo

  6. Great idea! Thanks you so much for adding my blog :) ox also thank you for helping our blogs get noticed :)

  7. InshaAllah Hope to join this list!!
    May Allah SWT us to the straight path....give us success in this world and hereafter!

  8. Salam, just signed up but have you got a code for your badge or do you want us to take the image and host it and put the back link ourselves?

  9. This is such a great directory, I'm going to go on a following spree inshAllah. It's great that you're helping us muslimahs stay in touch and inspire one another :)

    Maesha (

  10. Looking forward to finding some new reading material and meeting other sisters :)

  11. love the idea and subscribed straight away :)

  12. such a great idea !!! "United we stand, divided we fall" so lets keep united <3

  13. oooo ...ok ...i just notice that. It's very brilliant idea. Alhamdulillah i just joined.

  14. thank you a lot for this help

  15. Just joined you on GFC do join us on GFC too so we can stay in touch and be a prt of the Muslimah Bloggers Community.


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