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Ideas for Organizing and Displaying Your Lipstick

Ideas for Organizing and Displaying Your Lipstick

When your makeup is disorganized, it seems to cost you a few minutes every day. And when it comes to lipstick, hunting down the perfect shade when you’re in a hurry can be a real time waster. Save yourself a little time for breakfast every morning by organizing your lipsticks where you can easily see the colors and don’t have to go digging in a drawer or purse. Of course, you can also find ways to organize your makeup that look great with your decor. Here are a few ideas, and make sure to head to Modernize for more decor inspiration and organizing solutions.

Magnetic Makeup Board

This DIY solution is convenient and adds character to your bathroom or vanity. Plus, it saves storage space! Just cover a metal baking sheet in the fabric of your choice and attach magnets to your lipsticks. No more digging at the bottom of your chaotic lipstick basket for the perfect shade. For a little extra personality, put a fun frame around your board. You can also pop magnets onto your other most-used items for optimal organization.

Empty Candle Jars

Soak a used candle jar in warm water, then scrape out the wax with a butter knife and pop out the wick. Wash it out with dish soap and water, then stash your lipsticks label side up for easy access.

Platter or Cake Stand

Just like the magnetic board, this DIY trick makes use of unused kitchen supplies or cheap dollar store finds. Grab a fancy looking platter or cake stand and gather all of your lipsticks for something reminiscent of a vintage vanity. If you don’t have many, stand them up next to a fancy perfume or lotion bottle. If you have more than you can even keep straight, place them horizontally with the labels facing toward you. To make the one you need easier to find, group them by color for a little extra coordination.

DIY Pillbox Holder

Buy two pillboxes and cut the lids and bottoms off of one, then just the tops of the other. Double stack the containers so that the top one is open faced. Glue them, then spray paint them the color of your choice. You can do this with as many boxes as you need to have enough holders for your lipsticks stash. This is a very affordable and sturdy storage solution, and not hard to make. Find a tutorial here. You can also cut out the work and buy a handy little holder specifically made for lipsticks, like this one from Anthropologie.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Taken from Jo Jo Azad

1. DISCOUNT STORES AREN’T REAL | Sorry to break it to you like this (usually I would at least bring tea and stuff), but outlet malls claiming to sell you designer products are really just selling you lower-quality products—which were most likely not even produced at the same factories as the originals. Jezebel writes:

“The jig is up: Big brands like J. Crew, Gap, and Saks’ Off 5th aren’t selling you discounted or out of season merchandise at their outlet locations. You’re just buying lower quality cardigans and patterned pants” (they just have the logos to make you think you're getting a "deal").

Why is this relevant? Now you really can’t justify all those extra trips to the outlet mall/TJMaxx/etc to buy “bargains.” You’re buying low-quality products and exploited labor. (How else could the prices be so cheap?) (Oh and P.S. I’m also not letting you justify shopping at the original J.Crew or GAP store, either—they are on our Boycott List! I’m letting you justify limiting your spending in general ;) )

2. FAST FASHION ISN’T MADE TO LAST LONG | Alright this one might come as a huge shocker to you, (are you ready for this?) but fast-fashion brands really like this thing called profits. Like, a lot. So much so that they purposely use the cheapest production method (read: exploitation + unfair wages, poor quality materials, etc) in order to a) be able to convince you to buy lots of things (omg! so cheap!! *grabs 10*) and b) need to continually buy lots of things. The faster your clothes fall apart, the faster you’re going to want a replacement. Or 10. The solution? Think quality over quantity. Adopt a minimalist wardrobe.

3. WHAT YOU’RE WEARING IS FILLED WITH LEAD | Okay a bit dramatic (blame the Persian in me). I should add a “probably” in there. In any regard, the facts still stand: the Center for Environmental Health declares thatmany popular house-hold fast-fashion brands such as Forever21 and Charlotte Russe continue to produce products in mass that fail to meet their safety standards for lead p.p.m. (which is already generously high). This is particularly important for women who are planning on giving birth, as lead likes to store itself in our bones and, during pregnancy, come out to play with our fetus, which could be potentially harmful. Lead concentration also seems to be higher in bright, shiny products. (Sort of explains Dory’s forgetfulness in Finding Nemo, doesn’t it?) 

4. HUMANS (& THE ENVIRONMENT) WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING | There are still millions of slaves working behind the scenes throughout the world—in fact, according to, today we have more slaves than we’ve ever had at any other point in time in history! So that’s, like insane. We can thank the fashion industry for playing its part in keeping slavery alive and well. And to be frank, we can thank ourselves too. We are so disconnected with the production process, it’s hard to fathom that hundreds of humans are behind every piece of clothing that we see. Most of which are living in unbearable living conditions—and many others are living but not alive. But we need to continually strive to remind ourselves and our friends and family of this. Boycotting brands and limiting our consumption is incredibly important. Now more than ever.

5. CLOTHES DON’T DISAPPEAR WHEN YOU THROW THEM OUT | Okay you probably knew this one. But the way that we act makes it seem like we forget that clothes, when out of sight, aren’t out of existence. According to The Atlantic, on average, Americans throw away 10.5 million tons of clothing every. single year. Can’t we just think about this for a minute? That is a ton. No, actually 10.5 million tons, to be precise. And guess what? Thanks to our current uber-capitalist society, we have become addicted to consuming and therefore this number is only rising. Clothes don’t disappear. Remember that next time you go shopping.

Frustrated? Do something about it. Boycott. Consume less. Educate yourself and others. Convert your closet to a minimal wardrobe. Limiting your spending in a capitalist society is a revolutionary act in itself. 

The fact that you’re reading this right now means that you at least sort of give a damn (or just like visiting my site and making me happy (thanks!)) in which case, change really starts with you. If you don’t take charge of your consumption then who will? Next time you are thinking about heading out for a shopping trip, keep these 5 things in mind~


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