Sunday, January 13, 2013

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  •   AssalamoAlaikum,

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    The Little things teach us the big lessons.
  • J'adore Vintage Paris
    Clean That Makeup - Bonjour readers! Todays post is about something some women including me neglect ‘Removing makeup before bed.’ trust me I know how it feels like, coming... 
  • Scattered Thoughts
    POTD - Sale at an Unusual Place - There's a sale at SABB bank!! LOL! 
  • Saadia Mirza
    Female Mustache!?!?! - This topic is not embarrassing for me anymore. Cause, let's just face it we all have hair. About 40% of all women grow natural facial hair at some point in... 
  • The Girl in the Awesome Chador
    Find yourself first, and then you can find me. - I used to think I'm a night person. I think I still am. So too bad I can't study at night. I think I'm a night person in the sense i do all my thinking q... 
  • Patience IN everything
    ARE WE BENEFITING OUR MUSLIM UMMAH OR HUMANITY IN GENERAL? - This topic came to me while I was learning the ayats of Surah Ra'ad. It's an amazing Surah. One must definitely give it a tilawat along with its translatio... 
  • "Sana's Fashion Ramblings"
    Winner Of Birthday And Holiday Giveaway - With over 1500+ entries 200+ were totally fake and I already disqualified them, there could only be 1 lucky winner. This giveaway was a sweet treat for my... 
  • Niqabi Nuances
    WHAT THE HIJAB MEANS TO US- VIEWS FROM MUSLIMAHS ALL OVER! - Bismillahi Rahman Ar-Raheem! So here's the compilation of what Muslim women from different countries, of different ages and of different backgrounds have t... 
  • One Chinese Muslimah !
    The Holy Qur'an : Surah Yunus (Chapter 10- Jonah) - Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatu This by far is one of my absolute favourite Surah (chapter) from the Holy Qur'an. This Surah leaves me speechle... 
  • A Muslim Preschooler's Home
    Dua to avoid miscarriage - The husband should recite Ya Mubadiu Ya Allah- 99 times placing his finger tip on the stomach of his pregnant wife, just before the fajr Azaan( Morning P... 
  • At Home With Asmaa
    Egg Free Golden Syrup Cake - Salam Alaikum & Hello Friends, When your free do check out my guest post over at the lovely blog Karima's Crafts 
  • My Deen Diary
    I love him, I love him not..... - Lately, I have seen too many marriages fall apart or close to falling apart. Its heart-breaking especially when there are children involved. Its scary beca... 
  • shewasvain
    Barakah Sale - بَسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ We finally have a SALE at Barakah..Yaay Get your discounted abaya now before it's gone. {only the purple silk/vinta... 
  • Islamic Cover photos

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