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Easy tips on how to get a perfect body

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Easy tips on how to Get a Perfect Body (1)
Hey my lovely readers. I am in a phase where I want to get a perfect body.I am trying almost everything that I could do, to get the  faster results; but I think there is always something that I miss. My today’s post will definitely help me and you all.. Introducing Sophie Andersen and her some easy  tips to get a perfect body.
Before we proceed to the post let me introduce her and I want you all to welcome her on Nida’s Beauty Bag.
Sophie is a designer and freelance writer based in Perth. She’s hooked on yoga and healthy living. Sophie writes forMedAesthetics, trying to educate people about cosmetic and beauty treatments. Check new Sophies updates on FB“.
Sophie’s word
Getting ready for summer? If you want to show off your amazing body on the beach or you just want to get in shape and lead a healthier life, here are some tips to help you get your body to perfection.

  • Morning Workout
It only takes about 10 minutes to activate all the muscles in your body, increase metabolism and burn fat. So, start the day by training your muscles on strategic positions of your body. Strong abs will not only make your body more firm and stable, but also help you achieve that desired corset shape.
  • Breakfast
A healthy breakfast is crucial for a good body. The first meal of the day increases metabolism and burns fat. It will also prevent some bad habits like eating a donut as a snack after lunch. If you feel bloated, the cause might be dairy products. You should either reduce or avoid them completely. Instead, you can eat some oatmeal, an almond cranberry muffin, or cinnamon pancakes.
  • Food to Avoid
When planning your meals, you should avoid food that makes you bloated such as greasy and salty food, sodas, and even some types of fruits and vegetables. Instead, choose food that decreases our stomach size such as cucumber, asparagus and oats.
  • Fewer Calories
Adjust your diet so that you aren’t left with extra calories and still have enough energy. Choose food that will make you full, but be careful not to overdo it and take unnecessary calories. Introduce nuts in your diet, as well as oatmeal, apples, green vegetables such as spinach, seeds, eggs, yogurt, water, salmon, lemon, soup and so on. Calorie counting tools such as Calorie King can help you to make your diet plan.
  • Cardio
Any form of exercise is good and recommended. High intensity workout is most efficient as they burn the most calories in a short time period. Especially when done regularly. That is why you need to introduce high intensity cardio to your regular workout plan. Increase the slant and speed of your treadmill and try to run for 45 minutes. If you think it’s too much, adjust it to your current shape.
  • Massage
If you’re fighting cellulite, then a good massage can do wonders. It’s best to massage your body when your muscles are relaxed, for example, after a warm bath. Pinch and squeeze the parts of your body with cellulite and finish off with smooth soft motions. Saunas are also helpful, as well as some products that sink quickly into your skin, such as clay and Botox.
  • Coffee is great
Caffeine does wonders for fighting cellulite. It helps us get moving in the morning, wakes us up and can help move those fat cells in our body. But  it’s not just drinking coffee that helps fight cellulite. Use coffee to make a paste and gently scrub it into the parts of your body with cellulite. The paste will fall off quickly but it will be effective. To ensure that it doesn’t fall off too quick, cover it with sea weed used for detoxification. Leave it for  few minutes and then rinse. Check out this DIYscrubs and try to make them in your kitchen.

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