Monday, April 7, 2014

2 ingredients Strawberry Lassi

Taken from Chef in Frame

Strawberries and Yogurt Smoothie, a.k.a Strawberry Lassi. Perfect for coming summer to delight yourself with pleasant and healthy drink!

2 ingredients Strawberry Smoothie, a.k.a Strawberry Lassi | Chef in Frame

As the spring has almost been started and the drizzling days are passing by us. I thought to treat my blog with something refreshing and pleasant to present and pass it by my lovely readers. I come up with this quike-to-make Drink with huge goodness of Strawberry in Healthy creamy Yogurt..  believe me or not, there's nothing else in it. As being a fan of both I can say, it's what I was waiting so long for spring to start over. So that I could fulfill my desire for this cold and deary Drink. I'm already pretty much of those people who caught cold too quick plus weather is officially playing hide and seek at that moment on daily basis here in Karachi. So, I guess I have to wait a little more for summer to start over completely with hot golden sun over me, so I could have my favorite fruit smoothie everyday. Until now, I can only have it once in a week OR once in the two week... still not bad!!!

Well I'm HOPING this summer things jump soon! You get ready for some magic with this creamy yogurt and delicious strawberries, which deliver all Desi delight of Lassi our Grand-Maa used to make in the early morning for the whole gang of their grand-kids...

Ingredients: (individual serving)

  1. 200 gr yogurt (chill)

  2. 1 cup ripped strawberries (leaves removed, frozen)


Blend both ingredients completely in the juice blender.
Pour in beautiful glass and serve cold.

Enjoy you Lovely Smoothie, Lassi, Drink or whatever you like to call this revitalizing treat...!

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