Sunday, April 6, 2014

How I Organise My Hijabs x

Taken from Hijabi Writes
Salaam Ladies, I thought I would share with you guys how I organise my hijabs. I don't have the neatest or the most tidiest way of storing them, but this is a way which I find convenient for me. I'll briefly talk about what types of hijabs they are and other cool things about them :) x

So this is how I started of :)
Literally threw all of my hijabs on my bed.
Pile your hijabs in different types, style, material i.e Pashmina,  maxi
hijabs etc.
Here are a few random pictures of different types of hijabs
and thought it maybe helpful if you knew the material of the
^^Pashmina- I like to wear these on a daily basis^^.

I don't know what you guys would call these, but these
are the types I would wear to weddings/occasions as they are
shiny/glittery/fancy etc. 
I also like to wear these on a daily basis, as they are comfortable
to throw on. 
I have been loving these maxi hijabs recently as they sit
so well on my head and give good volume.
And this is how I stored some of my hijabs- flat under bed
boxes purchased from Wilkinson :) I Keep my daily hijabs at the top
so i can easily reach for them.
Finally, neatly stored away under my bed.

 I hope you found this post useful and helpful. Please do leave comments below if you have any questions or anything. Until next time...

Love, Your Hijabi

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